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Donate items for Welcome Packs e.g. toiletries
Meet refugees at the airport and drive them to their host’s home in Oxfordshire
Help refugees to register for state benefits, a National Insurance number, a school place, with a GP, etc. (ideally you would already know how to navigate the bureaucracy involved; if not you would need to be willing to be trained)
Translate for Ukrainian speakers
Translate for Russian speakers
Check in with refugees to see if it's going OK with their host
Check in with hosts to see if it's going OK with their refugees
Organise a social event locally for refugees e.g. in church hall or village hall
Give refugees English lessons
Run orientation sessions for refugees on life in the UK e.g. how to catch a train/bus, use the library, social customs, etc.
Offer short term accommodation (1-3 nights) e.g. if a host’s house was flooded or if a host had a medical emergency or had to go away
Host one or more Ukrainian refugees in your home for 6+ months

Any other sort of assistance you can offer - please give details below

Any relevant information about you or your experience e.g working with refugees, a teaching qualification, social work experience, etc. - please give details below


I am happy for Harwell Helps Refugees to store these personal details about me in a secure database hosted by Harwell & Chilton Churches. I understand that my details will only be used to contact me about Harwell Helps Refugees and not for any other purpose. I understand that my details will not be shared with any other organisation without my permission.