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The Parable of the Sower
Jonathan reflects on the parable of the sower and relates it to growing the Church. The beginning of the sermon recording is missing.
Jonathan Mobey, 21/06/2015
Unity and maturity in the body of Christ
Jonathan looks at three aspects of the Church or the body of Christ; how it is formed, how it is vitalised and how it is deployed and concludes with some thoughts about the overall goal of the body of Christ.
Jonathan Mobey, 14/06/2015
The vine and the branches
Jonathan reflects on John chapter 15 verse 1 to 8.
Jonathan Mobey, 07/06/2015
The Greatest Commandment
Jonathan reflects on the greatest commandment which is all about love, God's and ours.
Jonathan Mobey, 31/05/2015
Made for mission
In the fifth sermon in the sermon series exploring the accounts of the risen Jesus Jonathan considers what our mission should be as followers of Jesus.
Jonathan Mobey, 10/05/2015
What is the Church?
Jonathan looks at 1 Peter chapter 2 verses 4-10 and concludes that the Church is God's family, God's temple and God's nation.
Jonathan Mobey, 26/04/2015
Jonathan speaks on the growth of the church and on our own spiritual growth.
Jonathan Mobey, 08/03/2015