Living Advent Calendar
Advent Doors

The best thing about living in a village like Harwell or Chilton is the sense of community. The Living Advent Calendar is an amazing way for your whole family to discover new things about your village, about the people who live there and about the Christmas story. And children (big and small!) will absolutely love collecting a full set of Christmas stickers and receiving a daily chocolate treat.

There are 24 different "Living Advent Calendar" doors dotted around Harwell and 23 in Chilton (with the option of a bonus 24th door!). Everyone who registers will get exclusive access to a website which reveals where they are, who lives there, and what that day's instalment of the Christmas story is all about.

We are confident this will become a favourite part of your children's day, and the start of a tradition you will want to repeat.

It's FESTIVE. It's FUN. And it's FREE!  

Melanie Shields, 28/08/2019