homegroupHomegroups are a very important part of church life, where small groups meet regularly (usually weekly) to read the Bible together, to pray, and to support one another in the Christian life. They meet on various days and times and are always happy for new members to join. If you would like to make an enquiry about Homegroups please click here.

During September some of our groups will be looking at “Why does a Good God allow Suffering?”
There will also be a sermon series on this topic. If you would like to join a group just for the 6 weeks, you are very welcome to do so.
If you already belong to a group, please consider inviting someone to join you.  Small groups are a good place for us to ask questions and to learn from one another.
We have a number of groups meeting throughout the week as follows:
Morning:      Tuesday & Wednesday
Afternoon:   Wednesday & Friday
Evening:       Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

We will also be running an Alpha Course in 2018 for those who would like to think about the big questions of life and explore the life of Jesus Christ.  Please contact Vicky for more information.

Please click here for a list of upcoming meetings.