Holiday Club Admissions Policy - Full 

Holiday Club is an outreach activity of Harwell and Chilton Churches, for local children and their families

Places for children are allocated in the following order of priority:

1. Children* of those helping at Holiday Club
2. Children who live in the villages of Harwell, Chilton and Rowstock within the Parish of Harwell, and in North and South Drive.
3. Children who are pupils at Harwell and Chilton Schools and/or members of the Harwell and Chilton uniformed organisations and/or have attended a church children’s Sunday group and/or have parents who have attended Fledgelings in the last calendar year
4. Children who live in Harwell parish within Great Western Park
5. Children not in any of the categories above

NB. Children with special needs will be accommodated subject to the availability of adequate resources to cater safely for their particular needs
* ‘Children’ includes grandchildren, or other dependent children of helpers

Allocation process

Phase 1:

Places for those in category 1 (children of helpers) will be allocated before general booking is opened up; a few places are reserved for the children of late volunteers

Phase 2:

The general booking is opened up, and applicants are assigned to categories 2-5, and given an order within those categories on a ‘first come, first served’ basis; during this phase only children in category 2 will be allocated places, and those in categories 3-5 informed that they are on a waiting list

Phase 3:

Dependent on available places, applicants in categories 3-5 are considered, (i) in the order of their categories, and then (ii) their order within the categories; at the beginning of this phase, places will be allocated - up to the maximum number of places available - to those who had applied during phase 2, and subsequently on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, irrespective of category

Phase 4:

Shortly before Holiday Club, those allocated a place are contacted and asked to confirm that they still want a place; any places thereby released, along with any additional places created, are then offered to those on the waiting list working through the categories, following the procedure in Phase 3 above


  • ‘Helping’ is defined as a minimum of 15 hours, and can include time during, before and after the Club; acceptance of offers of help and determining whether it ‘qualifies’ is at the discretion of the Holiday Club leadership team
  • Applications will be made via the church website; those without internet access will be advised of an alternative process, e.g. leaving a message and contact details at the church office
  • Applications are automatically acknowledged, and places allocated and decisions communicated to applicants weekly
  • Once the maximum number of places is allocated, subsequent applicants are informed that they are on a waiting list
  • Those allocated places will be informed of the fact and warned of the need to confirm that they will still want the place nearer the time, and that absence of acknowledgement would be understood that the place was no longer wanted, and the place allocated to another child
  • The Holiday Club leadership team reserves the right to allocate places at variance to the above policy at their discretion in exceptional circumstances, e.g. illness or bereavement

Draft by Jonathan Mobey, Sarah Barrett and Melanie Shields 1 March 2018
Modified and approved by CPCC 3 January 2019