Holiday Club Admissions Policy 

Places for children are allocated in the following order of priority:

1.  Children* of those helping** at Holiday Club
2.  Children who live in the villages of Harwell, Chilton and Rowstock within the Parish of Harwell, and in North and South Drive.
3.  Children who are pupils at Harwell and Chilton Schools and/or members of the Harwell and Chilton uniformed organisations and/or have attended a church children’s Sunday group and/or have parents who have attended Fledgelings in the last calendar year
4.  Children who live in Harwell parish within Great Western Park
5.  Children not in any of the categories above

NB.  Children with special needs will be accommodated subject to the availability of adequate resources to cater safely for their particular needs
*  ‘Children’ includes grandchildren, or other dependent children of helpers
** Helping means 2 days or more or the equivalent

May 2021