Hand bells 

Always the surprising hit of Holiday Club. The children quickly pick up the skill of working as a team to produce some great music.  


SPY craft

Creating a different top secret spy gadget each day, that no self-respecting secret agent would be seen without!.


Science lab

Some hands-on experiment


drama workshop

Each day there will be a short Bible story brought to life through drama. Help prepare and rehearse the stories, then perform them to the rest of the Holiday Club.

decopatch goblets

Create a fab & funky, personalised drinking Goblet.



Using tripods & digital SLR cameras the children will receive instruction on how to capture great landscape photographs.


stitch craft

Using simple needlecraft techniques the children can create their own stuffed animal.  Boys enjoy it as much as the girls!


worm hotels

The children will get their hands dirty (literally) as they produce their own wormery in a bottle, which they get to bring home at the end of the day.
Peter Shields, 20/07/2016