Following a star

kings Christmas card 2014
Do you follow a football team, the twists and turns of celebrity lives, or the latest tweets by politicians or commentators? Like newly-hatched ducks, we all seem to want to follow someone or something.

The wise men followed a star, but not for its own sake. The star showed the way to one far greater than any graduate of The X-Factor, the cleverest public intellectual, or sporting talent. They found the one in whom ‘all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell’. It was he who said ‘follow me’ to fishermen and tax collectors 2000 years ago, and still seeks followers today.

Why not follow the shepherds, wise men and angels to the newborn child as we celebrate together with a variety of special services and events this Advent and Christmas? Many are suitable for families with young children, and range from traditional candlelit services to modern, interactive events – details are provided in this card.

May you know God’s blessing this Christmas and in the coming year.