What sort of king?

The history books have been re-opened with the recent discovery under a car park in Leicester of the remains of King Richard III. Many people have in their minds a picture of Richard III heavily influenced by Shakespeare’s version of events. But this discovery is important in casting light on the question of what sort of a king he really was.
Easter 2013
This Easter we have an opportunity to look again at the questions around King Jesus. ‘Christ’ means king, but Jesus is a king famous for having a crown not of gold, but of thorns. He was a king who came ‘not to be served, but to serve’ and who, on Maundy Thursday, took the role of the lowliest servant washing his disciples’ feet. He was a king who, on Good Friday, despite being innocent of any crime, experienced the most brutal form of Roman execution – that usually reserved for the very worst of criminals. He was a king for whose people the confusion and waiting of Easter Saturday was dramatically transformed by the earth-shattering events and discoveries of Easter Sunday.
King Jesus surprised then and continues to surprise today. Why not discover the King and celebrate with us this Holy Week in our services in Chilton and Harwell? Everyone is welcome.
Revd Dr Jonathan Mobey
Rector of Harwell with Chilton
April 2013